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PostSubject: Forum Rules   Forum Rules Icon_minitimeThu Oct 14, 2010 10:24 pm


Rule [1] :: Common Sense goes a long way here. That means no forum flooding, post whoring, advertising and most importantly try to maintain decency and have some respect for others in this community.

Threads that degenerate into a spam/post frenzy purely to up your post count will be closed. These sorts of threads and posts are unwanted, not just by us, but the users who come here to discuss gaming.

Offensive remarks about someone's race, gender, religion and sexual preference are simply NOT TOLERATED. If you don't have any common sense just go away as you won't last long here.

No offensive nicknames, avatars or sigs are allowed and basically any content of a racially offensive manner will deleted and the poster banned immediately.

Swearing is fine in moderation (hell, we all do it), except in subject lines or your sig and avatar.

Rule [2] :: The post and its contents should pertain to the forum room you are in. (ie : all help stuff goes into the help room and all xbox live stuff goes into the xbox live room.) The General Gaming and Off Topic rooms are reserved for non specific topics. Posts in the incorrect forums WILL be moved. Again, blatant spam will be deleted and the poster given one warning.

Rule [3] :: Listen to the moderators at all times. Do not question the authority of Admins or Moderators. Also, they are here to help so don't be afraid to PM them if you have any questions. If you are unsatisfied with a response from a forum moderator then please PM GO BAYS.

Rule [4] :: Please do not post whole reviews from locked gamesites, such as IGN Insider or Gamespot Complete. If the need is there, post tiny snippets or quotes.

Rule [5] :: Mod Chip discussion is not allowed. We encourage developers and publishers to visit these forums and their view on Mod chipping for software piracy is one that we share as well. No discussion on where to buy Mod Chips or pirated software will be tolerated. Posters will be given one warning and one warning only. Posts mentioning imported games are fine, posts mentioning copying software to modded consoles are not.

We agree, it's a contentious issue and there are many cool things that you can do on a modded console but Australian laws have made the sale of mod chips illegal. And please respect our request on this subject. If you have any questions please PM GO BAYS before posting.

Software Piracy is illegal. This topic is simply not allowed on our forums.

Rule [6] :: Again, Racially offensive and pornographic material will NOT be tolerated. By posting on our forums you agree that you, the user and not AAG or its partners are responsible for any legal repercussions if you do post offensive material. These posts will also be deleted and your account terminated and your ISP notified.

Rule [7] :: Lastly, advertising of mod chips for sale is not allowed. Advertising of pirated software for sale will not be tolerated. This is our choice for the good of the forum, please respect our decision. Anyone advertising these items for sale for personal gain will be banned instantly and your IP address and other personal information handed over to the appropriate authorities. Blatant spam posts advertising external websites will be deleted also. If you run another gaming web site and wish to post links to your own content please contact a moderator or GO BAYS first before doing so. We're happy to help promote other websites, just check with us first so that we can verify the integrity of your content/products.

If you do not agree to any of these rules, please notify a moderator ASAP and we will happily close and delete your account for you. [u]
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Forum Rules
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