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 Perfect Kinect Title

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PostSubject: Perfect Kinect Title   Perfect Kinect Title Icon_minitimeSun Jun 12, 2011 12:00 pm

Thinking on all of the Kinect integration going on for core games coming out on the 360, and then looking at all the, for lack of a better word - shit games that are built for the machine, I got thinking on what would actually make a good Kinect-only title. This is what I thought of;

An interactive movie. Yes, like Heavy Rain and Farenheit, only a genuinly interactive film, rather than a game marketed as such and with a ton of cutscenes. There isnt much difference, only it would only completely work with Kinect if there was no walking around or any of that.

The recent trailer of Rise of Nightmares (below) peaked my interest as a game that could really pull this off with flying colours, but will probably be made to include some half assed gameplay elements that dont work properly. An interactive horror film that allowed you to shape the destiny of the characters would be excellent in my opinion.

I also think with no real gameplay mechanics, an interactive film could be pulled off with utterly amazing graphics. I dont mean just, you wave your hand to make one thing happen, or flap to make another happen. Im talking about the sort of mini-game mechanics that Heavy Rain included, only with no walking around and such (thats where Kinect fails).

I know a heap of people would hate it, and wouldnt play it, or whatever. But there are haters of every genre. What are some kind of games you want to see on the Kinect that will change your mentality of regretting the purchase (like me), or simply games that would make you think about buying it in the first place?
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PostSubject: Re: Perfect Kinect Title   Perfect Kinect Title Icon_minitimeTue Jul 19, 2011 12:26 am

Resurrection of an old thread, sorry guys but i just had to say.
The kinect seems quite good with tracking, so i would have thought an adventure game wher you can look around and the screen moves around etc, hand motions to pick stuff up and so forth.
step forward to move forward back and so on. May take a while to get used to but it could work!
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Perfect Kinect Title
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