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 EA's MMA vs. UFC

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PostSubject: EA's MMA vs. UFC    EA's MMA vs. UFC  Icon_minitimeThu Oct 21, 2010 4:50 pm

So, now that the untapped sport of MMA now has two big titles under its belt competing for your money, whats everyone's opinion on the better of the two?

Personally, im prefering MMA to UFC. I have always loved the Fight Night style Right Thumbstick control scheme and it really helps to stop players from button mashing thier way to victory, which although it was countered against in UFC, people still managed to do. The game in general just feels far more fluent to me, in terms of how the fighters look and act and the way you can string combo's together compared to the button presses of UFC. Dont get me wrong, they are both great games, but now that UFC has competition you really start to see the flaws in the game design.

But I dont think MMA will do nearly as comercially successful as UFC seeing as the UFC name sells a lot of copies as its far more watched and accepted as a league and eveyone knows the fighters.

And then we have that other MMA game coming out. Its name escapes me, but its all underground cage fighting kinda stuff. Sounds like a bad idea for a game I think. - considering the extreme detail and realism of what will be its opposition.

Keep an eye out for my review of MMA over the weekend.
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EA's MMA vs. UFC
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