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Bizzare creations shut down (sort of) Brutalgamerlogo


 Bizzare creations shut down (sort of)

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Bizzare creations shut down (sort of) Empty
PostSubject: Bizzare creations shut down (sort of)   Bizzare creations shut down (sort of) Icon_minitimeWed Nov 17, 2010 10:07 am

It started as a rumor earlier today/yesterday, that Activision were to shut down talented devs Bizzare Creations. Its been confirmed that they are not actually shutting them down, but rather assessing options on thier future. This includes selling them off, or indeed shutting them down. Its a shame really, becuase Blur is a severly underrated game and although I have yet to play 007: Bloodstone, I hear good things.

So, whats everyone thoughts on this? Think Activision are getting out of hand in the money-grubbing side of things or think it a wise decision on their half? Personally, I think theres no telling what they'll do next, and I thank all thats holy that Bungie didnt get brought out by Activision, and only sold the publishing rights, not thier actual IP.

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Bizzare creations shut down (sort of)
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